Life’s rich tapestry

Once again, it’s been ages since I wrote anything.  It seems I have to be in the right place to write.  When life becomes too busy or difficult, it seems that I cannot put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.  I am now trying to remember why I started to write a blog and to reinstate the feelings that writing gave me.  I felt that this year was going to be the year for upward movement, but here I am at the beginning of February and nothing has progressed.  In order not to loose momentum, I am forcing myself to type up my book and edit where I think it needs it.  I thought, in my infinite wisdom, that if I wrote my book on my iPad, I could take it everywhere with me and add to it as I pleased.  The fun part about that decision is that I was writing it in a format that cannot be transferred to word on my laptop, hence, re typing the last 15 chapters. Luckily, I am a fast typer so it shouldn’t take too long.  Whilst doing this though, the story is not progressing and that makes me a little frustrated.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason I cannot find time to write, is there is not enough time in the day.  Even over the Christmas period when I had time off, the days still flew past with nothing achieved apart from cooking, cleaning and the laundry, so I am going to have a word with him upstairs and ask him to add a few hours. Do you think it will work?

So here I am again, making a deal with myself to write every day.  I may not be on a blog, but this or my book is going to be an added priority.  Surprising how cathartic just writing these few words has already been.

I must not loose my connection to myself.  I must follow my dream of finishing this book and getting it published.  The sequel is all in my head waiting to be let out.  I need to push forward and not let anything get in my way.  Is that easier said than done, I wonder?



The Muse of the evening

It’s dark and 28 degrees.  The wind is warm and welcome.

Apart from a dog barking in the distance and the rustling of leaves,

it’s silent and peaceful in my little corner of the world.

The daytime brings a heat that saps your energy

and makes it so hard to concentrate on anything but the call of cooling water

There are geckos on the walls and ceilings of my little outside space

waiting to catch the Mosquitos and Moths that are drawn to the light

And the cicadas that sang all day have ceased their endless chorus,

No doubt resting up before tomorrow’s symphony begins again.

It’s time to reflect upon the day and plan for tomorrow

Today there were happy times, but also an amount of sadness and frustration

Caught up in the preparations for someone else’s wedding

Brought a share of excitement for their future and fulfilment of a job well done

Taking a beloved family pet to the vet serves as a reminder that all life is fleeting

And that soon in the future, that beautiful creature who has brought me so much joy

Will take a final journey from which there is no return

And with her going, my life will once again change

and a new adventure will begin.

I am reminded that nothing is permanent

And we are just a short while upon this planet

We have a finite amount of time here

and this is no dress rehearsal

How ever long we have, will it ever be enough

to achieve all we dreamed of when we were young

and believed a lifetime was long

There is no melancholy with my musing

just a determination to enjoy every last minute

For if I did not sit and think

I would allow tomorrow to slide past without note

I am thankful for today and all that came

and for tomorrow I will be equally grateful

For in that gratitude,  I find happiness, peace and hope.






Although my blog is not quite a week old, I have decided to go for it and purchased the domain name of, so now I am a .com and very excited.

I always thought I would enjoy blogging and I am surprised by how much I love it.  It was started to see if it would improve my happy state and it has.  It is a pleasure every day receive emails from the site to say someone has either enjoyed something I have written or decided to follow me.  I find it remarkable that there are so many like minded people out there.

Today is only a short blog as it is my day off and I intend to spend the rest of the day in the pool or jacuzzi with my husband, or writing my novel, for which I have renewed enthusiasm and the perfect plot line.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Get rich quick

We have always had a phrase within our family, that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  If something looks too good to be true, then is usually is.


I had someone contact me through my blog and I have just spent the entire afternoon listening to high sales pitches from various videos about how to make money and change my life for $25 per month.  My head is ringing and many a time my finger hovered over the buy now button.  Yes, I want to change my life. Yes, I would like to earn a little more money.  So many testimonials, so much pressure.  In fact, I did press the buy now button but I didn’t fill out any of the forms.  If I had done, $25 per month would disappear from my bank account for time immemorial.  And the product they were selling? A viral blog selling high value goods.


it all sounded fantastic but I remember coming across something like this a few years ago.  Another get rich scheme, but the guy in charge of that set up actually admitted to being ruthless and selling online self help books to people who were too “stupid”  (his words not mine) to realise they were just get rich schemes for the sellers and he actually stated he didn’t care if the books didn’t help.  He was preying on the vulnerable in order to own a big house and top of the range sports car.  What’s scary is that I see his style of blog page and the “download the book” button on so many pages.


While eventually I would like to sell my own book via my blog and I don’t want to decry anyone else doing it, I can’t help but worry about the culture that makes you pay for a little common sense.  I want to gain knowledge about building a better site and I want gain information about how to do it, but I can’t help feeling these things are all too good to be true.  They seem to be based on the old pyramid selling schemes, where the only people really making money are the guys at the top.  Is it crazy that I want to learn how to build and improve my blog from scratch and more importantly, that I want to do the work??

Maybe the old cynical side of me is rearing it’s head again.   I don’t know for sure, but there are certain things I have learned.  If I ask the question, I get the answer.  So I will wait for now.  I started this blog just to write, to pursue my desire, get feedback from others and that is what I have done.  Today logic dictated that I stick to my guns.  Keep my $25 in my bank, keep writing learning and carry on with this wonderful happy feeling I get every time I post.