Joy stealers

In my head, I have a happy song

It reaches to my spirit

it soars, it glides, it wheels around

it takes it’s beauty from the earth and all who travel in it.

It’s carried on the wind to anyone who’ll listen

It can uplift, reassure and mend

it brings comfort when needed

help is what it offers in many different ways

you only have to open your heart to hear the melody

and you can journey with me and my song.


You silenced your song years ago

You wear your grimace with pleasure and pride

your greed and avarice killed it

And replaced it with your bitterness

Your negativity and scepticism

Do you really feel you have the right

to belittle those around you

and act in a way that is worse than any child in the playground.

Where is your compassion to your fellow man

You use your knowledge to offend


You are a joy stealer

and your crime is very great

but my song can still be yours

if you will only take the time to listen

Its a song that’s always been there

and will continue when I am gone

it was taught to me by others and I took it for my own

if your heart remains so blocked and hard

you can never hear the song

so I urge you just to listen

For if you do not hear it

it nor I can remain

for you will kill our spirit

and we cannot live in silence

our journey is moving forward

and we go together, note for note

phrase to phrase, voice with voice

and we will look on you with sorrow

knowing you choose the bitter silence

of a joy stealer.




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