Raw food

imageHaving been vegan for a couple of years now, I am always on the lookout for fantastic tasting food, because despite what most chefs seem to think, vegans do have taste buds and we do like good tasting food.  My criticism of main stream or celebrity chefs is their lack of imagination at seeing past animals and fish as a food source and their need to over pepper everything.  Rant over!

Apart from salads and gazpacho, I have never really entered into the world of raw food.  Raw courgettes didn’t really appeal to me but a need for something new finally pushed me in this direction.

I love Google, I virtually live on it and it is my greatest source of research, as is the case with many.  Having entered something like Raw food dinners,  I was transported to  http://www.rawveganpower.com and from there to http://www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com.  I spent a short while looking at the recipes and ingredients before settling on a raw lasagne.  My first trip into the world of raw was eye opening.  I had to improvise as I couldn’t get cilantro, Spanish supermarkets are not the best at keeping their stocks up, so I used fresh basil instead.

It was blissful, despite raw courgette which proved to be scrummy.  Why I have waited 2 years to try this, I have no idea.  I then went on to try raw meatless balls and once again was really surprised by the flavours and textures.  So yes, I am now a convert and may just have to post the odd recipe on here, so look out for that.

And yes, that is my own photo of my raw lasagne.  I was quite chuffed it turned out almost as good looking as the original.  Now, where do I get a dehydrator from???



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