Discovery and Achievement

So I have finally reached a significant age and with that milestone under my belt, I now refuse to allow the words “I don’t know how to do that” to hold me back anymore.  I have been writing my novel for nearly a year and although I think the idea is good, and I love writing, I have allowed my insecurities and past experiences tell me that I will never finish it.

I began reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, only last week and she has spurred me on to fulfil some of my dreams and aspirations.  There are so many things, in this big, wide world of ours, that I want to see and do, and I want to achieve as many as I can whilst I am able.

I know that certain things aren’t possible now, since my back operation 3 years ago.  A bungee jump is out and, unfortunately, so is a husky sled ride, but I there are still so many things left, why do I stop myself even trying?

Fear has always been my worst enemy.  Fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of people and the biggest of all, fear of the future and the pain it might bring.  Even thinking of my fear puts a knot in my throat and restricts my ability to breath.  This is why many of us fail to achieve all we can. I started my journey into self belief quite some time ago and I have tried to focus on the positive but the sceptic in me always found a way to undermine it.  “It’s easy to remain positive when all is going well” I would tell myself, “but this is wrong and that’s wrong and how do I cope with that problem and what do I do about that………” When you are surrounded by problems and negativity, it’s virtually impossible to break free.

Well no more.  I can do anything I set my mind to and more importantly, I want to enjoy it.  So I will finish my novel and enjoy writing it.  I will enjoy learning about and writing blogs.  It’s going to be bitty and I know I am going to need help, but it’s already happening and I have achieved happiness doing it.  It’s never too late. ;p



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